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How to Enjoy Unemployment Benefits If You Are Self Employed

I know this may be a surprise but the fact of the matter is that since March 2020, the US government extended benefits of unemployment to a certain category of people. Hairdressers, uber drivers, landscapers, as well as musicians are some of the groups that are included in the plan. There are three main benefits you will enjoy. One of them is unemployment insurance which targets those who have be4en ineligible. Besides, there is the Federal Unemployment Assistance (PUA) – $600 weekly. If you are learning about this for the first time, you must be asking yourself a lot of questions. Read on to discover more about how to get these benefits if you are self-employed.

First, you have to check out the eligibility. It is important to note that there are laws regulating the eligibility of these benefits. For anyone to benefit, they should be either unemployed (completely or partially) or there are certain health issues making them not available to work. Take for example a hairdresser whose shop has been closed and cannot work is eligible. Musicians and artists are also eligible in case they had planned some events and performances but due to some reasons, they are canceled. In short, anyone who can’t earn due to various reasons is eligible for these benefits. Remember that you are not eligible in case you are working remotely and earning most or all of your income.

Every state has its regulations regarding the amount of money paid. As much as the laws are passed by the federal government, it is up to the state where you used to work to facilitate the process of application and payment. The amounts vary, with residents of New York receiving a maximum of $504 weekly while in states like Florida it is $275. On the other hand, there are additional payments above what your state provides as unemployment benefits.

The next question you must be asking yourself is how to apply for these benefits. Remember that the staff at unemployment offices are overwhelmed and their online and phone systems are not integrated with these laws. As much as you may be eligible, it can be a tiresome process. Get ready for jammed phone lines, or websites that won’t load not to mention the hustle and tussle of getting through to a real person. Depending on your state, you may be lucky if the website is updated, and you see a section for self-employed.

Before you embark on the process of filing your claim, ensure that you have all the required documentation. Some of the crucial documents you need include your social security number, bank account number, and/or a driver’s license. After that, you will be required to create an online account. Just like any other common account opening process, you should be ready to select a password, answer a few security questions, and verify your email. You should check regularly although many states are trying to process payments in less than one week.

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