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May 23rd

Types of Car Anti-Theft Devices and How to Select the Best

Depending on where you stay, an anti-theft gadget can give you extra peace of mind concerning the security of your vehicle. It may also reduce your insurance rates, which is another benefit. With lots of options on sale, it can be hard to select the best for your car. Read on for more info.

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Types of car anti-theft devices

Products listed as anti-theft devices have a wide range of uses and features. Some are basic products to disable a car, while others offer superior protection. Some even allow car owners to track their vehicles if they get stolen. Here are different anti-theft gadgets and what they’re intended to do.
Steering wheel locks. This gadget is put on the steering wheel in order to lock it in place. You can’t drive your car until you remove the lock.
Hood lock. This lock is intended to disallow access under the hood, stopping thieves from embezzling your car’s battery and other components. These are the same as hood pins on some muscle vehicles. The main difference is that these locks lock into place, needing a key to unlock them. While this will not prevent a robber from stealing your car, it can prevent him from stealing your valuable engine elements.
Tire lock. The lock locks onto the tire to stop the vehicle from being moved, and it should be removed so you can drive your car. Often used by police units to immobilize autos possessed by drivers who fail to pay their parking fees, a tire lock is also useful as an anti-theft gadget. This owes to the fact that thieves can’t drive away the vehicle with such a gadget, which successfully immobilizes the tire.
Electronic immobilizers. Several of today’s vehicles have this system on the vehicle key, which signals the ignition to stop the car from starting without the key. The fuel system shuts up, and the engine will not start. This technology is also referred to as radio-frequency identification or RFID. The technology utilizes an electromagnetic field to recognize and track key fobs with an RFID chip fed to that specific car. Without the correct RFID chip, the vehicle can’t start.
Kill switch. This is meant to shut down a car’s electrical system. The device is usually activated when the vehicle is shut, and the individual must do a series of routines prior to it locking. Kill switch kits feature a wire, a mini-toggle switch, and installation guides. The switch is 0.5 inches long and 0.25 inches wide. Thus, you can bury it anywhere in the facade of the seat section. If a robber tries to hotwire your auto by attempting to bypass the aftermarket or factory alarm, they won’t be able to start it.
Car alarm. These systems are usually activated when specific actions occur, including when someone breaks the car’s glass, tries to enter with no key, or enters the car’s perimeter, often by touching the vehicle. Several alarms have stickers one can display on their window to deter thieves.
Electronic tracking systems. These are activated when the auto is reported as robbed. The company traces the car as it moves and informs law enforcement to capture the thieves fast.
To choose the best anti-theft device, consider your budget, car model, and work or home neighbourhood.

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